Marking targets – Geography

After marking a class set of essays, projects or extended answers, I often found that I was repeating similar comments in numerous books. Several years ago I made a set of the most well used comments which I started using with students. I probably saw the idea originally on Twitter (If it was you – thank you for the inspiration!)

After reading the work, I would make a general comment and then include one or two target codes eg T1 and T3. At the start of each lesson, students would read my general comment and then copy down the wording that matched the target code. I found this saved a lot of time for me when marking and also meant that students were forced to read the target comment as they copied it into their book.

I have modified them a little over the years. The latest divides the comments into Knowledge, Understanding, Application and Skills. Please feel free to modify, butcher etc for your own purposes if you think you would find it useful.

Just click on the image below to download a copy:

marking codes snapshot



GA Swansea branch- upcoming events

  1. A Christmas lecture on Wednesday 9th December Dr Geraint Owen of Swansea University will be giving a talk called Restless Earth: understanding and living with natural hazards and disasters. His talk will start at 5:30pm and finish at 6:20 for questions from the audience.


  1. The annual GA Quiz on Wednesday 3rd February 2016 the GA is organising its annual quiz again. This will start with registration at 6:30, the quizzing will start at 7pm and finishing at 9pm at Swansea University Geography Department.


  1. A GCSE and A level bring and share workshop for the new specifications. The workshop will start at 4pm and finish at 6pm on Wednesday 8th June in the Geography Department at Swansea University. There will be resources for you to take away to use in your lessons.


For more details and how to attend – Contact GA Swansea branch here