Teachmeet Wiltshire – 27 June 2013

What is a Teachmeet?

A TeachMeet is an informal gathering of like-minded teachers coming together to present to, and learn from one another’s classroom practice including practical innovations and personal insights in teaching. Participants volunteer to demonstrate good practice they’ve delivered over the past year, or discuss a product that enhances classroom practice. TeachMeet events are open to all and do not charge an entry fee. 
Fancy attending one?

On 27th June 2013, a Teachmeet will be held at Abbeyfield School in Chippenham. Organised by my colleague @_Letterland123
Refreshments from 5.00-5.30

Guest speaker from 5.30 – 6.00 (TBC)

2 minute and 5 minute presentations from 6.00 – 7.30

All you need to do is sign up and then add your details. It would be great if you could contribute a short presentation. If not, just come along and soak it up. Sign up here: Wiltshire Teachmeet. 

If you have any problems signing up, contact me via twitter: @_DavidDrake or email djd@abbeyfield.wilts.sch.uk and I’ll help you out.

Be Brave! 
Why not make a contribution? Go on… I am (Yikes!) Nothing fancy required. Just something you have tried this year or a reminder of an old favourite. All contributions welcomed in what will be a supportive positive, collaborative environment

Get involved and see you there. 30 colleagues have signed up already. Join us!