Revision lessons

It’s that time of year again!

Trying to think of some different ways to tackle revision in lessons?

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Recommendation – In addition, you can access lots of other revision ideas, via this excellent document produced @RobGeog


Silent conversation – Fake text messages

If you have ever tried to conduct a ‘Silent conversation’ activity in lessons, you may have found them a useful way for students to communicate their ideas, ask questions about a starter image, discuss an issue and peer assess each others work. Although a very useful activity, I have come across a couple of challenges:

  1. How do students record the information so that they each have a copy in their books to review at a later date and to show you what they have done and understood?
  2. How do you motivate those who find writing unappealing?

How about using iPads (if available), or school computers to conduct the same task but creating a stream of text messages which can be printed out and stuck into books?

There are numerous websites that allow you to do this, two such examples are (Click on image):

fake text


ios 7 fake


You can use it for a calm and quiet start to a  lesson to interrogate an image, after a piece of extended writing to question each other about what they have done or as a summary task where students can ask each other questions about the work they have done that lesson.

Revision techniques

I have put together some ideas for revision techniques in the presentations below. One is for staff and the other to use with students. The links listed within the presentation are at the bottom of this post:

Revision techniques staff version 2013 from D Drake

Resources mentioned in presentation:
How to make a mind map
Mind mapping video tutorial:
Video the learning – RSA animate style: