National Curriculum review – Studying Geography or History could be made compulsory to end of KS4

Pupils may have to study history or geography until they are 16 under plans for a shake-up of the national curriculum.
Daily Mail‘An independent review ordered by Education Secretary Michael Gove called for the move yesterday as part of a wider drive to address concerns that England’s schools are falling behind the rest of the world.

A separate report yesterday warned of a sharp decline in history teaching, with 159 schools not entering a single pupil for a GCSE in the subject last year.’
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The full Expert Panel National Curriculum review document can be viewed on the Department for Education website here. However, a good summary of the main points has been produced by lkm Coaching and can be viewed here

Natural Curriculum expert Panel review Bluffers Guide:
  • There must be knowledge and development in a curriculum
  • There is a difference in prioritisation of subjects from Early Years to Key Stage 4
  • Breadth and balance must be reserved until KS4.
  • Attainment targets and National Curriculum levels should go
  • While agreeing with Wolf that academics rather than ‘skills’ development is crucial, development of skills does have a place in curriculum and it should inform provision in a school
  • The National Curriculum load has been lightened by reclassifying some subjects to ‘Basic curriculum’
    Core at all ages: English, Maths & Science
    Foundation (KS1-4): History, Geography, MFL, PE
    Foundation (KS1-3): Music, Art
    Basic: D&T, ICT, Citizenship, PSHE, RE, careers – not within new NC (must be delivered, but schools decide how and what).