Filthy Cities – History

In case you didn’t see it, the series Filthy cities began on BBC One last night. I would thoroughly recommend it, based on last night’s episode.

It looked at life in medieval London. The Filthy cities website has more information, links to i-player and a few clips from the programme itself.

Find it here


Apocalypse – New digitalised footage from WW2

The story of World War II, told in painstakingly digitally colourised and evocative footage, and through the personal testimony of those who were there

The films from the series on Channel 4 are now available via the 4OD website here

Included are many moving sequences from the London Blitz, the battle for Stalingrad, the D-Day landings and scenes from the Final Solution

New footage of WW1 battlefields from the air

Extraordinary pictures of the aftermath of WW1, which have been hidden away for nearly a century, have been discovered in a vault in Paris.

The film is a part of a special BBC One programme that includes unique aerial photographs of the battlefield taken by British pilots.

Nick Higham reports on the footage that gives an amazing insight into history. Click here to view

More of the footage can be seen on the BBC One programme ‘The First World War from Above’ on Sunday at 2100GMT.

Teaching the Holocaust

Starter activities

Six KS3 history lesson starters on the Holocaust, featuring archive footage, personal testimonies from survivors and other material.

There are testimonies from eye witnesses regarding the Auschwitz Orchestra. Pre-war home movie footage of a Jewish family in Germany. As well as the story of Leon Greenman, one of a few British Jews deported to Auschwitz.

The video is designed to stimulate classroom discussions on the subject.

Teaching About the Holocaust

Examines good practice in teaching and learning about the Holocaust at KS3, including case studies of schools working with the Holocaust Education Development Programme run by the Institute of Education.

There are 2 videos in this series.