Organising group work

For many years, the idea of doing group work filled me with dread. Noise and chaos were the first two words that came to mind. Group work seemed to involve me running around trying to solve problems and issues and left me exhausted for very little learning gain.

However, I came across the idea of assigning roles within the classroom and never looked back.

I came up with a structure that would promote independent learning, where the onus was on the students to organise themselves rather than relying on me to solve any problems that arose.

As a result, now I love doing group work and so do many of the students that I teach. I find that I now have the time to walk around the classroom calmly, checking on progress and asking questions.

The key is the role of the Assistant Chief Executive, as they are the only students who are allowed to talk ask me questions during the lesson.

Take a look at the structure I give to students below. In addition, all students are provided with a badge so that it is clear who should be doing what:


London 2012 – Geography homework project

Need an idea of how to incorporate the London 2012 Olympics into Geography lessons? Try this:

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