KS3 Combined Humanities – National Curriculum Levels

As so many schools are also adopting a more combined approach to teaching the Humanities subjects, I have produced NC Level descriptors that incorporate the main elements of the Geography, History and RE descriptors in one grid

This can be used to report on progress where giving separate levels may be more difficult. These are not official levels – they are my own work. However, I thought others may find them useful when assessing pupil progress in Humanities

KS3 Humanities Levels DJD 2010


Self assessment in History and Geography at KS3

I have created a grid for both Geography and History where students can assess their own learning. This gives students a good understanding of what they have to get each level. They can then set their own targets. It will also provide useful information to use with parents at subject review events

KS3 Geography – Self Assessment Sheet

KS3 History – Self Assessment Sheet

New NC levels in Geography

I have produced three versions of the new level descriptors. The first fits the elements into the key concepts. The second is a simplified version for students, whilst the third is a poster for use on classroom walls which draws out the main points of each level.

I hope you find these useful.