The future – a compulsary humanities subject at GCSE?

Taken from BBC News article published today, following speech in the House of Commons by Michael Gove:

A new benchmark for school achievement under what will be called an English baccalaureate is being set.
 This means pupils will be encouraged to take GCSEs in English, maths, a science, a modern language and a humanities subject.

He believes too many schools opt for softer subjects in a bid to boost their league table positions.

Mr Gove said: “I don’t think that we should say to children just because they come from a certain background that they shouldn’t expect to have any understanding of this country’s history or learn a foreign language.”

I guess the key word in this is ‘encouraged’. Does this mean that students will be made to take History or Geography at GCSE?

Time will tell!

To see the full report and video of the speech, click here


Battle of Britain monument unveiled

Plans to erect a striking 380ft (116m) beacon as a monument to the Battle of Britain have been unveiled. The Battle of Britain Beacon will cost £80m and be taller than Big Ben.
The structure will be built at the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon, north west London, housing an exhibition on the World War II air conflict.
The museum announced the scheme ahead of the 70th anniversary of the battle, which raged in the skies over Britain from July to October 1940.
The eye-catching building will be constructed out of steel and glass and feature a high-speed lift.
For more on this visit the bbcnews page here
Could be a good idea for lesson here – Design competition. What would your students build as a relevant monument? Draw, make  and justify?