Teachers TV archive taken over

A new organisation has been set up by the people who ran Teachers TV. Teachers Media will give full access to the archive of 3,500 videos that were on the Teachers TV website before it was closed down. These should become available in the next two weeks.
On Teachers Media you will be able to:
  • Stream all the 3500 Teachers TV videos at the highest quality
  • Easily search and navigate the Teachers TV archive
  • Access and download documents and other resources linked to the videos
  • Use the popular Behaviour Challenge interactive training tool

These resources will continue to be free of charge. This is great news.


1930s Propaganda films go online

A series of British propaganda films from the 1930s and 1940s have put online for the first time by the British Council.

The films are being uploaded gradually, with the first 13 now available to view, with a further 145 or so being digitalised and uploaded evetually as part of the project.

One of the films online already, shows the 1945 General Election. Filmed in Kettering, it shows the Tory John Profumo standing for re-election.

The films can be viewed here then selecting the ‘digitalised films’ tab on the left of the screen

Source: http://www.channel4.com/news/british-council-put-1930s-and-1940s-films-online

Apocalypse – New digitalised footage from WW2

The story of World War II, told in painstakingly digitally colourised and evocative footage, and through the personal testimony of those who were there

The films from the series on Channel 4 are now available via the 4OD website here

Included are many moving sequences from the London Blitz, the battle for Stalingrad, the D-Day landings and scenes from the Final Solution

New footage of WW1 battlefields from the air

Extraordinary pictures of the aftermath of WW1, which have been hidden away for nearly a century, have been discovered in a vault in Paris.

The film is a part of a special BBC One programme that includes unique aerial photographs of the battlefield taken by British pilots.

Nick Higham reports on the footage that gives an amazing insight into history. Click here to view

More of the footage can be seen on the BBC One programme ‘The First World War from Above’ on Sunday at 2100GMT.

History video resources – All You Need to Know!

All you Need To Know about a range of topics from D Day, Pearl Harbour and The Battle of Rorke’s Drift to Leonardo Da Vinci, the explorer Shackleton and scientist Charles Darwin. Need To Know places them in their historical and social context, giving you the key players, the key events and their chronology and the key dates. In fact – All you Need To Know!

Thanks to Mark Whitelock from Trafalgar School for letting me know about this.