Teachers TV archive taken over

A new organisation has been set up by the people who ran Teachers TV. Teachers Media will give full access to the archive of 3,500 videos that were on the Teachers TV website before it was closed down. These should become available in the next two weeks.
On Teachers Media you will be able to:
  • Stream all the 3500 Teachers TV videos at the highest quality
  • Easily search and navigate the Teachers TV archive
  • Access and download documents and other resources linked to the videos
  • Use the popular Behaviour Challenge interactive training tool

These resources will continue to be free of charge. This is great news.


Shift Happens update

An official update to the original “Shift Happens” video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, this June 2007 update includes new and updated statistics, thought-provoking questions and a fresh design. For more information, or to join the conversation, please visit http://shifthappens.wikispaces.com — Content by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, design and development by XPLANE.

Have your old videos seen better days?

Lots of great up-to-date videos for use in lessons available at Teachers tv

Including programmes on: Chronological understanding, Romans and Victorian Britain

Including programmes on: Population, Settlement, Economic activity, environmental issues and sustainability

No need to download, access via the website by following the links above