Changes to GCSEs in 2012 – confirmed today

Source – Ofqual website

Ofqual has today confirmed the changes that will be made to GCSEs in England for teaching from September 2012.

Changes are being made to GCSEs in order to implement the policy aims set out by the Department for Education in the 2010 White Paper, ‘The Importance of Teaching’.
As a result of the changes:
·               Assessment will take place at the end of the course of study 
·               Assessment opportunities for the majority of subjects will be restricted to summer only
For English, English language and mathematics there will be an additional assessment opportunity in November
Any pilot qualifications that are exceptions to this arrangement will be separately identified
In GCSE English literature, geography, history and religious studies, additional marks will be awarded for the accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar in questions that require extended answers

What geography should be taught in schools?

In 2012, radically new geography programmes of study will be written, focusing on the essential geographical knowledge that should be taught year by year. The GA intends to influence what this means and the resulting outcomes.
From 15 July to 31 October 2011 the GA asked teachers to tell them what they think about the Curriculum Proposals and Rationale. Full and summary reports of the findings of the consultation are available to download below:
Revised proposals will be added to this page in early 2012.

Humanities at the core of the new EBacc according to White paper

English Baccalaureate – for any student who secures good GCSE or iGCSE passes in English, mathematics, the sciences, a modern or ancient foreign language and a humanity.

This combination of GCSEs at grades A*-C will entitle the student to a certificate recording their achievement. At the moment only around 15 per cent of students secure this basic suite of academic qualifications and fewer than four per cent of students eligible for free school meals do so. So to encourage the take-up of this combination of subjects, special recognition in performance tables will be given to those schools which are helping their pupils to attain this breadth of study.

Link to White paper EBacc pages here

The Humanities subjects included are:
GCSE in History
GCSE in Ancient History
GCSE in Geography
Cambridge International Certificate in History
Cambridge International Certificate in Geography
CIE legacy iGCSE in History
CIE legacy iGCSE in Geography

Link for full details of all the subjects included here

Changes to the reporting of results and attainment tables are also available – click here

The status of our subjects appears to be rising again – AT LAST!!

KS3 Humanities curriculum wheel – update

Those of you who have attended the Wiltshire subject conferences recently will be aware that at Abbeyfield School, we have been working on redesigning the KS3 Humanities curriculum to intergrate Geography, History and Philosophy & Ethics (RE) more successfully.

An article has just been published in the Association of School and College Leaders magazine outlining the work we have done and the impact this has had on teaching and learning.

You can read the article by clicking on the link below.

The full KS3 Abbeyfield Humanities Wheel and the ELPs mentioned in the article can be found on our Abbeyfield Humanities site by clicking on the link at the top of this page