Developing high order thinking skills

In order to try and develop high order thinking skills, I am planning to use a starter which develops over time in each lesson to work through Blooms taxonomy as the unit progresses.

The stimulus will be a photograph, with questions or instructions based on the previous lesson, working through from ‘remembering’ to ‘creating’.

This is the template I have developed as the first starter slide for each lesson – click on the image to download

Blooms starter template

Blooms starter template terms

I have also developed an example for a unit I teach on Plate tectonics with Year 7. Click on the image below to download the ppt to see how it works.

blooms starter earthquake

One box is added per lesson so that students can develop their higher order thinking skills as they acquire greater knowledge and develop their understanding through the unit.


Checking progress and understanding

I often found myself relying on one method when checking understanding in lessons – usually asking questions and students putting hands up – lazy I know. I can’t remember where I got hold of it, but I found a ppt where different tasks were displayed to check understanding. If this looks similar to something you originally produced a few years back then thank you for the inspiration – also let me know and I will credit you.

I have modified it and you can see the result by clicking on the image below:

plenary grid hat

Every now and again, to check understanding (and break things up a bit) stick the ppt up and get a student to pull a numbered card from a hat. Click the number on the ppt which takes you to the appropriate task and the student responds.

Nothing mind blowing or revolutionary, but I found it a useful way of remembering to vary tasks a bit. Each term take one or two out and replace with new ones.