Dealing with distractions confidently

Students who play with objects, listen to music or find other distractions can disrupt their own and others’ learning. Using his own unique style, the world’s leading behaviour expert, Bill Rogers, takes you through a recent encounter with Daniel, and explains how to get the best from this tricky situation. Enforcing rules effectively.


Behaviour Matters

Challenging behaviour is a major obstacle to raising achievement, but managing behaviour positively can go a long way towards reducing the stress levels of staff and pupils alike, enabling a safe learning environment.

The link below takes you to a section on the Teaching Expertise website that explores the challenges involved in providing the optimum climate for learning, both for encouraging positive behaviour and reducing negative behaviour.

I particularly like this website as it gives really good practical advice and top tips. I dip into it now and again to remind me of different strategies I have used in the past and to pick up some new ideas for use in my lessons.

Access the page by clicking on the following link: Behaviour Matters

Behaviour for Learning (B4L)

You may want to have a look at this website. Click here: B4L. There are some really good ideas for use in the classroom.

All materials are quality assured through a rigorous process of academic scrutiny and monitoring undertaken by a team of expert teacher educators. There are a set of 26 scenarios for tutors, school mentors and trainee teachers. These resources are a set of materials which address major talking points regarding the practicalities of promoting effective behaviour and learning.

A set of 26 videos: Improving Behaviour for Learning (Secondary Schools). These resources explore the ways in which a teacher’s behaviour impacts on that of her pupils.

Managing behaviour

Some useful videos courtesy of Teachers TV. Looking at issues such as transitions, attention seekers and students who ignore instructions.

Click on the link: to access the easy to use front page of the Behaviour Matters section

In addition, there are a whole host of videos dealing with different aspects of managing behaviour at: