Is it really all their own work?

In case you haven’t come across it yet, have a look at this website:

Sometimes it is hard to identify whether student work is original or if chunks have been cut and pasted from various websites. This site allows you to paste work in and check for plagiarism – really easy to use. Even tells you where it has been taken from if it has been pinched and likelihood of originality.


Image based resources: A-Level and GCSE Edexcel History

English Heritage have mapped their Heritage Explorer image-based resources against the Edexcel GCE History specification. 

There’s a wide range of historical images which teachers can access free of charge to use in school, for example by adding them to worksheets, PowerPoints and the school VLE.

Access the materials here

Thanks to Mark Battye History Subject Advisor (Edexcel) for this information via twitter

1930s Propaganda films go online

A series of British propaganda films from the 1930s and 1940s have put online for the first time by the British Council.

The films are being uploaded gradually, with the first 13 now available to view, with a further 145 or so being digitalised and uploaded evetually as part of the project.

One of the films online already, shows the 1945 General Election. Filmed in Kettering, it shows the Tory John Profumo standing for re-election.

The films can be viewed here then selecting the ‘digitalised films’ tab on the left of the screen